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Signe Hald Andersen

Head of Projects and Senior Researcher
M. Sc(Soc.) Ph.D.
Joined the unit in 2008.
Direct:+45 33 34 48 08

Work Areas

Children placed in out of home care, crime, unemployment, labour market policy effects, social and economic processes in families, quantitative sociology

Recent publications

Andersen, Signe Hald & Wildeman, Christopher (forthcoming): The Effect of Paternal Incarceration on Children’s Risk of Foster Care Placement. Social Forces.

Wildeman, Christopher, Andersen, Signe Hald, Lee, Hedwig & Karlson, Kristian Bernt (forthcoming): Parental Incarceration and Child Mortality in Denmark. American Journal of Public Health.

Fallesen, Peter and Andersen, Signe Hald with contributions by Mette Ejrnæs, Natalia Emanuel, Astrid Estrup Enemark, Bjarne Madsen and Christopher Wildeman (2013): Når man anbringer et barn II - Årsager, effekter af anbringelsesforanstaltninger og konsekvenser. The Rockwool Foundation Research Unit and the University Press of Southern Denmark.

Andersen, Signe Hald (forthcoming): Complex patterns: On the characteristics of children who experience high and low degrees of foster care drift. British Journal of Social Work

Andersen, Signe Hald (2012): Serving time or serving the community? Exploiting a policy reform to assess the causal effects of community service on income, social benefit dependency and recidivism. Rockwool Foundation Research Unit and University Press of Southern Denmark, Study Paper No. 37.

Andersen, Signe Hald (2012): Unemployment and crime: Experimental evidence of the causal effects of intensified ALMPs on crime rates among unemployed individuals. Rockwool Foundation Research Unit and University Press of Southern Denmark, Study Paper No. 38.

Andersen, Lars Højsgaard and Andersen, Signe Hald (2012): Losing the stigma of incarceration: Does serving a sentence with electronic monitoring causally improve post-release labor market outcomes? Rockwool Foundation Research Unit and University Press of Southern Denmark, Study Paper No. 40.

Andersen, Signe Hald (2013): Common genes or exogenous shock? Disentangling the causal effect of paternal unemployment on children’s schooling efforts. European Sociological Review, 29(3): 477-488

Breen, Richard & Andersen, Signe Hald (2012): Educational Assortative Partnerships and earnings Inequality in Denmark. Demography, 49:867-887.

Andersen, Signe Hald and Hansen, Lars Gårn (2012): The Rise and Fall of Divorce–Implications of Bourdieu on Becker’s model of the Marriage Market. Journal of Mathematical Sociology, 36(2):97-124.

Andersen, Signe Hald with contributions by Frank Ebsen, Mette Ejrnæs, Morten Ejrnæs, Peter Fallesen and Signe Frederiksen (2010): Når man anbringer et barn, University Press of Southern Denmark

Andersen, Signe Hald & Fallesen, Peter (2010): A question of class: On the heterogeneous relationship between background characteristics and a child's placement risk. Children and Youth Services Review, 32(6): 783-789

Andersen, Signe Hald (2010): A Good Place to Live? On Municipality Characteristics and Chilren's Placement Risk. Social Service Review, June, 2010

Andersen, Signe Hald (2011): Exiting unemployment: How do program effects depend on individual coping strategies. Journal of Economic Psychology, 32(2): 248-258

Andersen, Signe Hald (2010): The Cost of Sickness: On the Effect of the Duration of Sick Leave on Post Sick Leave Earnings. Social Science & Medicine, 70(10): 1581-1589

Andersen, Signe Hald (2009): Unemployment and Subjective Well-being. A Question of Class? Work and Occupations, vol 36(1): 3-25.

 Heinesen, Eskil, Husted, Leif & Andersen, Signe Hald (2009): Labour market integration of immigrants: Estimating local authority effects. Journal of Population Economics, 22(4): 909-939.

Andersen, Signe Hald (2008): The short and long term effects of government training on subjective well being. European Sociological Review, 24(4):451-462

Andersen, Signe Hald (2008): Heterogeneous Treatment Effects from Government Training - does Well-being During unemployment explain the variation? I, Bradshaw, Jonathan (red.): International Studies on Social Security. Vol. 14

Andersen, Signe Hald & Heinesen, Eskil (2008): Estimating the relative success of local authorities at labour market integration of immigrants. European Journal of Population, 24(1) : 59-86

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