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Unge, fester og alkohol

(Young People, Parties and Alcohol)

By Peter Gundelach and Margaretha Järvinen, Jakob Demant with contributions by Jeanette Østergaard

200 pages. Akademisk Forlag., 2006

ISBN: ISBN 87-500-3906-7, ISBN-13: 978-87-500-3906-8

The alcohol consumption of Danish young people is one of the highest in Europe and the début age of drunkennes is the lowest. On this background the book is outlining Danish teenagers' relation to alcohol.

The book describes the important factors in why young people are drinking so much as they presently do and also which factors are of importance for doing so. The analyses of the book are covering a wide field and consider also social conditions, life styles, friendships, the role of the parents and not least the mutual hierarchy of the young.

Unge, fester og alkohol is based on a comprehensive interview survey of 15 to 16-year-olds and their parents and on a number of group interview surveys of various groups of young people.