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Evaluation Coordinator for the intervention ”NExTWORK” targeting disconnected young people
(1 year project position)


Joint pilot project undertaken by

Institute for Fiscal Studies, London

Rockwool Foundation Interventions Unit

Rockwool Foundation Research Unit



Around 8 percent of each youth cohort have no formal qualifying degree, and struggle to sustain employment or training. Despite significant expenditure, the existing system of state support has been unable to help this group of disconnected youth overcome their difficulties.


The Rockwool Foundation has developed a new youth support service, called NExTWORK, that aims to help these vulnerable youths engage in and sustain employment or training opportunities. Central to the service is a network of local companies collaborating to increase the employability of young people, and a system of youth and network coordinators who provide support to participants (read more here: http://www.nextworks.dk/).

Over the next two years, we will work with Roskilde Municipality to pilot this service and develop a cost-effective and scalable model that can be implemented at municipal level. In parallel, we will design, pilot and implement a randomized impact evaluation of the service. For this purpose we seek an evaluation coordinator (EC), who will act as a core team member responsible for coordinating all evaluation and progress monitoring activities.

Tasks and deliverables

The EC’s main responsibility will be to coordinate and supervise all evaluation and monitoring activities, including close cooperation between all teams involved. This includes coordinating and supervising the implementation of the impact evaluation in the field on a day-to-day basis (piloting and coordinating the data collection and randomization), working closely with the NExTWORK implementation team, research team and staff in Roskilde Jobcenter to ensure data quality and effective implementation (including day -to-day support on technical and operational tasks). The EC will also be responsible for identifying other relevant data sources, in particular relevant registers used for the impact evaluation. The EC will furthermore assist in analytical aspects of the impact evaluation including data analysis and reporting the results.

The EC will liaise with the NExTWORK implementation team, Roskilde Jobcenter and the research team, to ensure that tasks and milestones are prepared in accordance with work plans, including managing a qualitative implementation evaluation and formulation of regular progress reports based on monitoring data.



Tasks and deliverables will include, but are not restricted to those listed below:

Effective cooperation

  • Provide daily and close coordination between the implementation team, the research team and local counterparts, ensuring that concerns are effectively communicated between parties, flagging emerging issues that may be of potential concern to one or both parties, and ensuring that effective and productive collaboration is maintained.
  • Help ensure that targets are met on time, and that all activities are carried out in accordance with the study design and work plan.

Impact evaluation field coordination and supervision

  • Monitor the entire data collection process to ensure data quality, including the following tasks
    • Training of enumerators (caseworkers)
    • Drafting a data collection manual
    • Undertaking visits to the field to monitor data collection through spot checks
    • Cleaning and preparing databases for analysis, including identifying data inconsistencies, creating variables, formatting and documenting the data sets
    • Working closely with the caseworkers to identify and deal with issues in the data collection
    • Assisting in the programming and testing of an electronic version of the survey questionnaire
    • Working closely with the municipality/caseworkers to ensure compliance with randomization protocols and to ensure that treatment assignments are administered according to the agreed protocols and plans.


  • Gather inputs from the field as needed to help inform and refine the research design, including support on literature reviews and operational insights.



Coordinating a qualitative implementation evaluation

  • Contracting, monitoring and coordinating activities of a team undertaking a qualitative impact evaluation.


Ensuring high quality monitoring data and analyses

  • Quarterly data analyses and fact sheet reports based on monitoring data.
  • Assist in identifying relevant measures for monitoring youth progress; develop and test tools for progress monitoring; and feedback to implementation team on validity of instruments and piloting alternative monitoring tools.
  • Ensuring close coordination between monitoring and evaluation activities and data.


In addition, the consultant may also be required to assist with the following tasks

  • Assisting with preparation and dissemination of a baseline report
  • Data analysis for the preparation of academic paper from the studies


Skills required

Academic specialization: Minimum of a Master’s degree in economics, sociology, political science or related field with strong quantitative research skills required, preferably with a concentration in labor market studies, impact evaluation and applied micro-econometrics/statistics. We also welcome applicants who are in the process of completing a Ph.D and wish to pause their studies and acquire experience with data collection.


  • The candidate must have experience with impact evaluation and econometric analysis and at least an intermediate level of Stata proficiency (the interview process will include a Stata test)
  • Experience in working with local governments is highly desired.
  • Experience managing field projects collecting data in Denmark or other contexts is highly desired.

Language: Fluency in Danish and good written and oral communication skills in English is essential

Interpersonal skills: Demonstrated ability to work effectively and sensitively in teams and with government counterparts.

Other skills: Strong coordination skills and natural ability to solve logistical challenges.


The team

You will become part of a very dynamic and diverse team consisting of senior researchers from Denmark and abroad, service designers, and team leaders from both the public and private sectors. You will have a clear area of responsibility as evaluation coordinator and will refer directly to the Director of Research in Disconnected Young People, Signe Hald Andersen as well as to Programme Manager, Ulrik Lund-Sørensen.


Deadline for applications is September 4th 2016. Interviews will take place during the first weeks of September and the position should be filled as soon as possible. Send application including letter, CV and list of exams by email to: ggr@rff.dk marked “Evaluation coordinator”. The position is for 1 year, with possibilities of extension. The main work place is the Rockwool Foundation (Kronprinsessegade in Copenhagen) and the project site in Roskilde. The candidate should also expect to travel to the UK for meetings with the Institute for Fiscal Studies. For further inquiries, please contact Signe Hald Andersen (mail: sha@rff.dk, telephone: 33 34 48 08) or Ulrik Lund-Sørensen (mail: uls@intervention.dk, telephone: 33 34 47 03).