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The Rockwool Foundation

The ROCKWOOL Foundation has its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is an independent, non-partisan organisation, financially self-supporting thanks to an endowment dating from 1981. Its objective is to generate knowledge that can be useful in tackling various problems facing society today; this is achieved both through impartial scientific research into social and economic issues and through practical interventions. The work of the Foundation is particularly focused on issues related to the sustainability of the welfare society. The research is conducted by both the ROCKWOOL Foundation’s Research Unit and specialised external researchers, while the practical interventions are managed by the Foundation’s Interventions Unit.


The Board of Directors of the Foundation decides which projects to support on the basis of recommendations from expert committees.


The Foundation website appears in both Danish and English versions. The Danish site is the primary one and is somewhat more extensive, but a great deal of information is also available on the English pages. In addition to publications available only in Danish, there are publications by the Foundation that are in both Danish and English versions, and others in English only; there are links below to some recent English-language publications. The organisation uses both Danish and English as its working languages, and contacts by email, telephone or letter are welcome in either language.