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The ROCKWOOL Foundation is an impartial, financially self-supporting institution which engages in activities for the public good. We carry out independent research into issues relevant to society, and develop innovative solutions to social problems in the form of practical interventions.


The ROCKWOOL Foundation was established in December 1981, when six members of the Kähler family made over to it the equivalent of 25 percent of the shares in ROCKWOOL International. From the outset, the declared aim of the Foundation was to contribute to the broad public good by carrying out independent, reliable research; this aim has subsequently been expanded to include the development of practical interventions.


The overarching objective of both research and interventions is to contribute to strengthening the social and financial sustainability of the welfare state through the creation of new, independent knowledge about the challenges faced by society and through the development of solutions to these challenges.


The Board of the Foundation decides which projects will be supported, on the basis of recommendations from expert committees.



To apply for support, see the section on collaboration.



The ROCKWOOL Foundation primarily supports research related to the social and economic challenges to the sustainability of the welfare state in Denmark. The research work of the ROCKWOOL Foundation is impartial and scientifically-based, and is always relevant to current issues.


The goal of the Foundation’s research is to raise the level and improve the quality of the knowledge and information available to key decision-makers in society. The research is principally conducted by the ROCKWOOL Foundation Research Unit, often in close collaboration with external researchers at a wide range of universities and other research institutions.



Not only does the ROCKWOOL Foundation supply impartial research, it also aims to identify, develop and trial new and innovative solutions, in the form of practical interventions, to specific challenges faced by society.


The aim of these interventions is to extend knowledge with regard to effective solutions to key problems affecting the welfare society. This means that the solutions must fulfil requirements with respect to being supported by research-based evidence. The new solutions are developed and trialled in close cooperation with our external partners and with the active involvement of the associated target groups and actors, with the long-term goal of nationwide implementation.


The ROCKWOOL Foundation provides support for projects that can increase knowledge about vulnerable young people through an initiative that crosses the boundaries of our four existing research areas and of our research and intervention activities. In this connection, relevant individuals and organisations are welcome to seek financial support for research or for the development and trialling of new ideas for interventions. Read more.


Finance Manager and Chief of Staff
M: +45 25 26 57 02 
Special Consultant
M: +45 60 57 54 75 
+45 33 34 47 00 
+45 33 34 48 00 


Working together with the management, the members of the Board bring their great knowledge and experience of international business and politics to bear on the strategic development of the Foundation.


In order to ensure that high academic standards are maintained and to avoid unnecessary expenditure of resources on areas that have already been researched or are in process of being researched elsewhere, the Board has set up a Research Programme Committee.


In order to ensure that high standards are maintained and that intervention projects have the potential to be scaled up in their application, the Board has set up an Interventions Programme Committeee.

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