As far as possible, all our interventions are subjected to stringent impact evaluations in order to meet research requirements for the evidence that makes it possible to assess whether an intervention has had the expected effects. An overview of all the evaluations is available here.

Evaluation methods

It is our aim to ensure that all our interventions are subjected to stringent quantitative evaluations in order to provide the necessary research evidence of their effects. The evaluation design is made an integral part of the intervention, with random allocation to experimental and control groups. Impact evaluations are designed to establish whether a given initiative works, and if so, how great its effects are.

It is not always possible to fulfil the methodological requirements of a satisfactory research-based impact evaluation. In such cases, it is often relevant to systematically collect together accounts of the experiences of the people involved in the form of a qualitative process evaluation. A process evaluation assesses how and why a specific initiative is thought to have an effect.

Where possible, both qualitative and quantitative methods are employed in the evaluation of an intervention. More useful knowledge is generated when the same evaluation focuses on both the impact of the initiative and the experiences and motivations of the participants.

Publication of the results

All evaluations on the website are posted in their original format, whether as research papers or as books. Large-scale evaluations are also described in evaluation briefing documents which summarise the intervention design, the evaluation method, and the principal results. See all the evaluation publications here.

External evaluators

In order to ensure independence in the reporting of results and the making of recommendations, and in order to access the required expertise, external evaluators are often recruited. Such evaluators normally work closely with the ROCKWOOL Foundation Research Unit, especially with regard to quantitative impact evaluations.

Descriptions of quantitative data

The ROCKWOOL Foundation has acquired a number of datasets in connection with the planning or implementation of large-scale quantitative evaluations.  Read more.

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