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M +45 42 72 68 78
Anne Sofie Tegner Anker
MSc in Social Studies, PhD

Employed at the Research Unit since 2014


Crime, punishment, intergenerational transmission, family instability


Anker, Anne Sofie Tegner and Andersen, Lars H. (2021). Does the Intergenerational Transmission of Crime Depend on Family Complexity? Journal of Marriage and Family. Online First

Anker, Anne Sofie Tegner and Wildeman, Christopher (2021). Family Visitation Patterns during Incarceration in Denmark. Journal of Family Issues. Online First

Anker, Anne Sofie Tegner, Andersen, Lars H., & Wildeman, Christopher (2020). Estimating and Explaining Ethnic Disparities in the Cumulative Risk of Paternal Incarceration in Denmark. Demographic Research, 43:617-658

Anker, Anne Sofie Tegner, Doleac, Jennifer L., & Landersø, Rasmus (Forthcoming). The Effects of DNA Databases on the Deterrence and Detection of Offenders. AEJ: Applied Economics

Andersen, Lars H., Anker, Anne Sofie Tegner, & Andersen, Signe Hald (2016). A Formal Decomposition of Declining Youth in Denmark. Demographic Research, 35:1303-1316

Anker, Anne Sofie Tegner & Andersen, Signe Hald (2016). Fra fængsel til job? En evaluering af projekt JobUpdate [From Prison to Employment? An Evaluation of Project JobUpdate]. ROCKWOOL Fondens Forskningsenhed. Working paper 42