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Jakob Schjørring
Lead service designer
BA in Sociology, MSc in IT

For more than 10 years and through 100+ projects in Danish ministries and municipalities, I have explored how novel methodological approaches can strengthen the likelihood of success in public sector innovation projects. My methodological approach combines design thinking, user centered design, creative problem solving and change management.

I particularly draw energy from designing processes that enhance the creative capacity amongst end-users, practitioners and decision makers and enable people to create things together that they could not have done individually. I find that more perspectives lead to better solutions and that such a process creates the necessary ownership amongst the actors, who are to implement the ideas in real life. This, and my solid insight in the latest public sector innovation trends, is my main contribution to the work carried out by the Intervention Unit.

With 200+ public presentations, keynotes, lectures and workshops in Denmark and internationally, I am actively engaged in the community that mainstreams and further cultivates the practical field of how user-centered innovation and design thinking can improve public sector innovation. I am particularly good at helping decision makers understand the value of such methodologies and what they can do to strengthen their organization’s capacity to develop new innovative solutions.

Before joining the Intervention Unit, I worked 10 years in the public sector innovation unit MindLab, leaving a position as account director. Before that I worked as a management consultant for public sector clients and as a civil servant in the Ministry of Culture.