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Lars Højsgaard Andersen
Senior Researcher
MSc in Sociology, PhD

Employed at the Research Unit since 2007 RESEARCH AREAS Criminality and the consequences of punishment, family processes, the effects of giving refugees special low-level benefits. RECENT PUBLICATIONS Andersen, Lars Højsgaard (2017). Marriage, In-Laws, and Crime: The Case of Delinquent Brothers-in-Law. Criminology 55(2): 438-464. Fallesen, Peter & Lars Højsgaard Andersen (2017). Explaining the Consequences of Imprisonment for Union Formation and Dissolution in Denmark. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 36(1): 154-177. Lars Højsgaard Andersen, Kristian Hedeager Bentsen, Camilla Hvidtfeldt, Bent Jensen, Jan Rose Skaksen & Peer Ebbesen Skov (2017). Danskernes liv med skatter, sort arbejde og gør det selv-arbejde. The ROCKWOOL Foundation Research Unit and University Press of Southern Denmark. Andersen, Lars Højsgaard, Anne Sofie Tegner Anker, & Signe Hald Andersen. A Formal Decomposition of Declining Youth Crime in Denmark. Demographic Research 35: 1303-1316. Lars Højsgaard Andersen (2016). How Children’s Educational Outcomes and Criminality Vary by Duration and Frequency of Paternal Incarceration. The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 665(1): 149–70 Aaltonen, Mikko, Torbjørn Skardhamar, Anders Nilsson, Lars Højsgaard Andersen, Olof Bäckman, Felipe Estrada, and Petri Danielsson (2016). Comparing Employment Trajectories Before and After First Imprisonment in Four Nordic Countries. British Journal of Criminology, Advance Access: 1–20 Wildeman, Christopher & Lars Højsgaard Andersen (2015). Cumulative risks of paternal and maternal incarceration in Denmark and the United States. Demographic Research 32: 1567-1580 Andersen, Signe Hald, Lars Højsgaard Andersen & Peer E. Skov (2015). Effect of Marriage and Spousal Criminality on Recidivism. Journal of Marriage and Family 77(2): 496-509 Andersen, Lars Højsgaard & Christopher Wildeman (2015). Measuring the Effect of Probation and Parole Officers on Labor Market Outcomes and Recidivism. Journal of Quantitative Criminology 31(4): 629-652 Andersen, Lars Højsgaard & Torben Tranæs (2015). Er ikke-vestlige indvandrere og efterkommere mere kriminelle end danskere? I Jensen, Bent, Ditlev Tamm, and Torben Tranæs: Forbrydelse, straf og afsoning i Danmark. Gyldendal and the Rockwool Foundation Research Unit: 64-78 Andersen, Lars Højsgaard (2015). Decomposing Recidivism Variance into Probation and Parole Officers and their Clients. Rockwool Foundation Research Unit Study Paper no. 92 Andersen, Lars Højsgaard (2015). First Imprisonment and the Age-Crime Curve. Rockwool Foundation Research Unit Study Paper no. 93 Andersen, Lars Højsgaard (2015). How Delinquent Brothers-in-Law Undo the Crime-Fighting Benefits of Marriage. Rockwool Foundation Research Unit Study Paper no. 95 Andersen, Lars Højsgaard & Signe H. Andersen (2014). Effect of Electronic Monitoring on Social Welfare Dependence. Criminology & Public Policy 13(3): 349-379 Andersen, Lars Højsgaard (2010). Chris Grover: Crime and Inequality. Boganmeldelse, Nordisk Tidskrift for Kriminalvidenskab 97(1): 101-103

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