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M +45 22 59 96 62
Mircea Trandafir
Senior researcher
Msc in economics, ph.d.

Employed at the Research Unit since 2022

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Research areas

Labour market, health economics, education, family economics, children and adolescents.


Daysal, N. Meltem, Marianne Simonsen, Mircea Trandafir, and Sanni Breining. 2022. “Spillover effects of early-life medical interventions.”  Review of Economics and Statistics 104(1), 1-16.

Daysal, N. Meltem, Mircea Trandafir, and Reyn van Ewijk. 2019. “Low-risk isn’t no-risk: Perinatal treatments and the health of low-income newborns.” Journal of Health Economics 64, 55-67.

Dorothée Boccanfuso and Alexandre Larouche. 2015. “Quality of higher education and the labor market in developing countries: Evidence from an education reform in Senegal.” World Development 74, 412-424.

Daysal, N. Meltem, Mircea Trandafir, and Reyn van Ewijk. 2015. “Saving lives at birth: The impact of home births on infant outcomes.” American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 7(3), 28-50.

Trandafir, Mircea. 2015. “Legal recognition of same-sex couples and family formation.” Demography 52(1), 113-151.

Trandafir, Mircea. 2014. “The effect of same-sex marriage laws on different-sex marriage: Evidence from the Netherlands.” Demography 51(1), 317-340. Winner of the 2008 Award for the Best Comparative Article Presented at an APPAM Research Conference.


Research Affiliate, IZA.