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Miriam Gensowski
Senior Researcher
Ph.D. in Economics

Miriam has a degree in economics from the University of Chicago and is a former asccociate professor at the University of Copenhagen. Miriam became part of the ROCKWOOL Foundation Research Unit in 2021.

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Education, Personal Skills, Social Mobility, Labour Market, Health


Academic Self Perceptions in a National Danish Sample: Predictive Power and Development from Grade 4 to 9Journal of Research in PersonalityVol 92, June
2021. First author with Steven G. Ludeke, Oliver P. John, Simon C. Andersen.

Personality in a Pandemic: Social Norms Moderate Associations Between Personalit and Social Distancing BehaviourPersonality and Individual Differencesaccepted for
publication, with Steven G. Ludeke, Joe Vitriol, and Erik Gahner Larsen.

Inequality in Personality over the Life CycleJournal of Economic Behavior &
Organization, Volume 184, April 2021, pp 46-77, with Mette Gørtz and Stefanie Schurer.

Does Parental Education Influence Child Educational Outcomes? A Developmental Analysis in a Full-Population Sample and Adoptee DesignJournal of Personality and Social Psychologyadvance online publication, first author with Steven G. Ludeke and Sarah Y. Junge, Robert M. Kirkpatrick, Oliver P. John, Simon Calmar Andersen. 

A Stable Relationship Between Personality and Academic Performance from Childhood through Adolescence. An Original Study and Replication in Hundred-Thousand-Person SamplesJournal of PersonalityVol. 88, Issue 5, Oct. 2020, with Simon C. Andersen, Steven G. Ludeke, Oliver P. John.

Childhood Health Shocks, Comparative Advantage, and Long-Term Outcomes: Evidence from the Last Danish Polio EpidemicJournal of Health EconomicsVol. 66, July
2019, with Torben H. Nielsen, Nete M. Nielsen, Maya Rossin-Slater, Miriam Wüst.

Personality, IQ, and Lifetime Earnings. Labour Economics, Vol 51, April 2018.


Research Affiliate, IZA.

Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Working Group (HCEO, University of Chicago)

Copenhagen Education Network

CEBI, University of Copenhagen