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Rasmus Landersø
Research Leader

Employed at the Research Unit since 2007


Labour market, education, social mobility, criminality and programme evaluation


James J. Heckman & Rasmus Landersø, Lessons from Denmark about Inequality and Social Mobility, Study paper 160, accepted Labour Economics.

Christian Dustmann & Rasmus Landersø, Child Gender, Young Fathers’ Crime, and Spillover Effects in Criminal Behavior, Study paper 127, accepted Journal of Political Economy.

Kristian B. Karlson & Rasmus Landersø, The Making and Unmaking of Opportunity: Educational Mobility in 20th-Century Denmark, Study paper 158.

Rasmus Landersø & Peter Fallesen, Psychiatric Hospital Admission and Later Crime, Mental Health, and Labor Market Outcomes, forthcoming in Health Economics.

Anne Sofie Tegner Anker, Jennifer Doleac & Rasmus Landersø, The Effects of DNA Databases on the Deterrence and Detection of Offenders, forthcoming in American Economic Journal: Applied Economics:

Rasmus Landersø, Helena Skyt Nielsen & Marianne Simonsen, Effects of School Starting Age on the Family, forthcoming in The Journal of Human Resources.

Rasmus Landersø & James J. Heckman, The Scandinavian Fantasy: The Sources of Intergenerational Mobility in Denmark and the U.S. (2017), Scandinavian Journal of Economics, vol 119(1), pp 178-230.

Rasmus Landersø, Helena Skyt Nielsen & Marianne Simonsen, School Starting Age and the Crime-Age Profile (2017), Economic Journal, Volume 127 (602), pp 1096–1118.

Rasmus Landersø ”Does Incarceration Length Affect Labor Market Outcomes?”, The Journal of Law and Economics (1) 58, pp. 205-234.

Essays in the Economics of Crime, PhD dissertation, Department of Economics, Aarhus University Rasmus Landersø, “School Starting Age and Crime”, IZA paper nummer 7228.

Peter Fallesen & Rasmus Landersø: “Uddannelse – et af flere redskaber” i Socialpolitik 2009,5:11-15

Rasmus Landersø & Torben Tranæs: “Selvforsørgelse og uddannelse efter fængsel” i Jesper Ryberg (red.) Løsladt – og hvad så? København: Jurist- og Økonomforbundets Forlag. 2009.


Research Affiliate, IZA.

Research Fellow, Center for Research & Analysis of Migration (Cream, UCL)

Associate Member, Center for Economics of Human Development (CEHD, University of Chicago),

Associate Member, Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Working Group (HCEO, University of Chicago),

Associate Editor: Journal of Human Capital