COOL2BFIT is a diet, wellbeing and activity programme aimed at improving the state of health of overweight, motorically-challenged and/or physically inactive children in the age range 7-15 years. The programme is multifaceted, focusing on:

  • physical exercise and games (for the children and, to an extent, their families)
  • motor skills screening
  • weekly follow-up on challenges facing the families
  • individually-planned diet advice, home visits, joint food preparation and thematic evenings for parents
  • intensive work on motivation
  • wellbeing
  • strategies for making healthier habits an integral part of everyday life.

COOL2BFIT has been developed by Tina Trane Thomsen, a personal trainer and specialist in nutrition and household economics, who has many years of experience in improving the health and wellbeing of overweight and inactive children through lifestyle changes. The work done on developing COOL2BFIT and the experience gained from similar programmes indicate that the best way to achieve lasting results is to apply a structured, multifaceted approach based on the lifestyle of the whole family, including aspects of their lives such as sleep patterns, wellbeing, diet and exercise. It is a distinguishing feature of the COOL2BFIT programme that the families of the participating children are also actively involved in the project.

Another important element of the programme is that it enables the children and their families to construct a joint identity with other participating families that is based around a healthy lifestyle and a support network.  They become part of an ambitious joint project where professional instruction and thorough follow-up give participants and their families the opportunity to change inappropriate lifestyle habits. COOL2BFIT consists of a 40-week programme (school holidays excluded). To help them complete the project, the families receive intensive support throughout from qualified dieticians and personal trainers, all of whom have been trained in running the programme. COOL2BFIT has been trialled in Sorø, Høje Taastrup and Frederiksberg (120 families in total), and the results after 40 weeks are very positive. The average attendance rate has been approximately 70 percent, with an average loss of fat of 2.5 kg and an average gain in muscle tissue of 2.7 kg over the first 40 weeks. Before the end of a course, the COOL2BFIT team ensures that the children are enrolled in a local sporting activity (chosen by each child), and then follows up on the families’ maintenance of the principles learned at intervals of 1, 3, 6 and 12 months after the end of the programme.

Evaluation of COOL2BFIT

COOL2BFIT is a development of the ROCKWOOL Foundation’s collaboration with the Fit for Kids association. Click here to read about the evaluation of Fit for Kids. 

Additional information

If you would like more information about the COOL2BFIT project, please contact Tina Trane Thomsen on +45 22 16 25 12 or at

Watch a video (in Danish) about COOL2BFIT.