Projekt Fit for Kids

Fit for Kids

The intervention

Fit for Kids is a 40-week programme built up around a combination of physical exercise, coaching and motivational work, information about a healthy lifestyle, dietary advice and cooking classes. The programme is designed for children who are severely overweight, are inactive, are in poor physical condition and/or have poor body awareness. The Rockwool Foundation evaluated the Fit for Kids programme in 2011-12 and, on the basis of the results of that evaluation, decided to continue developing the project under the new name COOL2BFIT. The evaluation indicated that a better retention strategy was needed, and that the dietary advice and physical training were of great importance.

COOL2BFIT targets both children and their families, offering dietary advice in the home, physical exercise activities, communal cooking sessions, and group meetings addressing a variety of topics.  Maintenance of a healthy lifestyle after the conclusion of the programme itself is also a crucial focal point.  A COOL2BFIT book has been prepared, offering families specific tools to help them to lead healthy lives.