Projekt International peace-building projects

International peace-building projects

Over the period 2008-2012 the Rockwool Foundation supported international peace-building projects in Lebanon, Burundi, Uganda and Nepal. The basis for this support of peace-building initiatives in countries with a long history of violent internal conflicts was the development of new methods of involving children and young people in particular in the work of peace-building, giving them tools for conflict resolution and for promoting peaceful coexistence.


In the course of the period 2008-2012, the Rockwool Foundation supported the establishment of football training clubs in a project implemented by the Cross Cultural Project Association (CCPA) and focusing on voluntary club work. The project trains volunteer football coaches and brings together children and young people from different ethnic and social groups in a number of activities, including joint training sessions and tournaments run across ethnic divides. The Rockwool Foundation has also provided support for the organisation Search for Common Ground (SFCG), which focuses on communicating messages concerning peaceful coexistence through the production of TV series about and for children and young people.

Burundi, Uganda and Nepal

The Rockwool Foundation supported peace-building projects in these three countries in 2011-1012, implemented in Burundi by the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), in Uganda by Caritas, and in Nepal by Responding to Conflict (RTC) and Child Workers in Nepal (CWIN). All three projects focused on training young people in conflict management and in the use of tools for the local resolution of conflict and strife, with the aim of according a greater role to young people in the work of peace-building.

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