Projekt Lifeline in Zambia

Lifeline in Zambia

The Intervention
Lifeline in Zambia (LiZ) is a faith-based non-profit organisation located in Ndola in Northern Zambia. The Rockwool Foundation has been cooperating with the organisation since 2008 in an effort to develop an approach to social capacity building which benefits the most marginalised rural households in the area. The approach that has been used was to mobilise and support volunteers from local church communities of different denominations who would cooperate in taking care of the most vulnerable households in the community. The volunteers were given training in the fields of health, education and agricultural skills. Each volunteer was then assigned five families to help through home-based care. The idea was to help communities to use their own human resources to assist the weak and vulnerable.

Evaluation of the project
The approach was implemented and developed through three project phases. The final phase (P3) was initiated in April 2012. It included two project areas, each targeting 150 households in rural areas of Zambia with the intention of improving their standard of living. An qualitative evaluation was initiated following the third project phase. For more information about the evaluation, click here