Projekt Perspekt

Perspekt is a classroom-based set of teaching materials aimed at developing the emotional, personal and social skills of school students. The material is designed to cover 16-18 lessons, and it includes exercises, role play, films and games. The aim is to create a good classroom environment by providing training in the various skills covered. Through a structured learning programme, Perspekt strengthens students’ ability to resolve conflicts on their own and helps to improve their understanding of rules, their respect for diversity among their classmates, and their sense of responsibility.

The Perspekt teaching is carried out by teachers or teaching assistants who have completed an introductory course in using the material. The material is designed to cover all class levels. It is divided into four modules – for years 0-2, where the emphasis is on preparing for schooling; for years 3-4, where there is a focus on critical thinking and on one’s own and others’ behaviour; for years 5-6, where the focus is on work skills and being a good student; and for years 7-9, where the materials concentrate on the area of making choices.

By the end of 2015, Perspekt courses had been taught at 47 different primary/lower secondary schools in Denmark, principally among members of the Healthy Schools Network. The ROCKWOOL Foundation has financed the development of Perspekt through the following partners:


2007: Perspekt 3 and Perspekt 4, Abildgaardskolen, Odense
2008: Perspekt 1, Skolen ved Gurrevej, Helsingør
2010: Perspekt 2, Charlotteskolen and Gadehaveskolen, Høje Taastrup
2012: Perspekt 1, all year 1 and year 2 classes, Municipality of Høje Taastrup

By the end of 2015, Perspekt had been implemented in a total of 51 schools (click for a list). If you would like more information about Perspekt, please contact Tina Trane Thomsen, tel. +45 22 16 25 12 or at


Click to watch a video (in Danish) about Perspekt.

Evaluations of previous implementations of Perspekt

Two independent qualitative evaluations of Perspekt courses have been carried out. The first evaluation (in Danish) covered the Perspekt project from 2007-11 and was carried out in the autumn of 2012. The second evaluation (in Danish) followed the implementation of Perspekt in the Municipality of Høje Taastrup from September 2012 to June 2013. For more information about the evaluations, click here.

Perspekt in the future

The association behind the Healthy Schools Network has now been dissolved, and the ROCKWOOL Foundation is seeking a new national partner with the capacity to offer Perspekt in all Danish municipalities and facilitate a quantitative impact evaluation of the material, working in collaboration with the Foundation. For more information, please use the contact details above.

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