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A Research Note On Declining Youth Crime

Study paper no. 110

Over recent decades and in most developed democracies, youth crime has been in steady decline. This decline in youth crime constitutes an important contemporary social and criminological change. The finding presented in this study paper – that change at the extensive margin is the main driver of declining youth crime in Denmark – represents a first but significant step towards understanding this important change.


The paper has been published here:

Andersen, Lars H., Anne S. T. Anker, and Signe H. Andersen. A Formal Decomposition of Declining Youth Crime in Denmark. Demographic Research 35: 1303-1316.

Available via this link: http://www.demographic-research.org/volumes/vol35/44/default.htm


Anne Sofie Tegner Anker

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Lars Højsgaard Andersen

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Signe Hald Andersen
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