Research Evaluering

Factors affecting the adoption of improved banana technologies in Northern Tanzania

Evaluation note no. 1
evaluation - publication Eva Kaas Pedersen

Bananas have come to play a crucial role in the RIPAT projects, as many farmers believe that the banana is the most valuable component in the basket of options. This is a qualitative study of factors influencing the adoption by Tanzanian small-scale farmers of improved banana varieties and techniques introduced through the RIPAT project (Rural Initiatives for Participatory Agricultural Transformation). We find that even though the institutional rationales for introducing an improved banana technology in RIPAT and the farmers’ rationales for adopting it do not correlate, the use of a demonstration plot enabled a successful interaction between the two rationales.  It is suggested that the rapid adoption of the hybrid banana in RIPAT can be explained by a project design that takes into account farmers’ experiences and history while at the same time acknowledging the effects of policies and institutional expertise

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