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Fewer offenders claim welfare benefits after community service and electronic tagging than after serving prison sentences

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The reports behind the newsletter:

Serving time or serving the community? Exploiting a policy reform to assess the causal effects of community service on income, social benefit dependency and recidivism

By Signe Hald Andersen – Access the text

Losing the stigma of incarceration: Does serving a sentence with electronic monitoring causally improve post-release labor market outcomes?

By Lars Højsgaard Andersen and Signe Hald Larsen – Access the text

Unemployment and crime: Experimental evidence of the causal effects of intensified ALMPs on crime rates among unemployed individuals

By Signe Hald Andersen – Access the text

The Effect of Workfare on Crime: Youth Diligence and Law Obedience

By Peter Fallesen, Lars Pico Geerdsen, Susumu Imai and Torben Tranæs – Access the text

Does Incarceration Length Affect Labor Market Outcomes for Violent Offenders?

By Rasmus Landersø – Access the text

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