Research Evaluering

Interchurch Collaboration: A New Pathway to Development?

Evaluation note no. 7
evaluation - publication by Catrine Schroff

This study was conducted with the objective of exploring the potential of ecumenical collaboration as an approach to social capacity building in Africa. It is based on a literature review of ecumenical collaboration on AIDS programmes and on a case study. The case study focuses on a project implemented by a faith-based organisation, Lifeline in Zambia. We find that most ecumenical work takes place at international and national levels, and that the increased ecumenical collaboration at high organisational levels has not led to similar innovation at community level. From such a perspective, Lifeline in Zambia’s approach to ecumenical collaboration at community level has much potential for the promotion of social capacity building in Africa. However, the approach is at an early stage, and considerable modifications are required to bring out its potential. It is strongly recommended that the approach is further tested and developed in a better-structured organisational context.


Catrine Schroff

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