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The RIPAT Manual

Rural Initiatives for Participatory Agricultural Transformation
book - publication Jens M. Vesterager, D. Ringo, C.W. Maguzu and J.N. Ng’ang’a

A flexible agricultural extension approach known as RIPAT has been developed by the Rockwool Foundation in collaboration with the Tanzanian development organization RECODA over the period 2006-2012 through a series of projects in northern Tanzania. The RIPAT Manual explains step-by-step how to organize and implement a robust group-based agricultural development project. It should be read by those interested in improving the food security and incomes of small-scale farmers: primarily practitioners, but also teachers, researchers and decision-makers. The manual is especially relevant for staff of NGOs and development organizations at programming and field levels, and for local government officials involved in agricultural extension and rural development

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