Research Borgerne og lovene

We and our politicians

book - publication Gunnar Viby Mogensen, Jørgen Goul Andersen, Hans Jørgen Nielsen, Niels Thomsen and Jörgen Westerståhl


By Gunnar Viby Mogensen (Ed.) Jørgen Goul Andersen, Hans Jørgen Nielsen, Niels Thomsen, and Jörgen Westerståhl

400 pages. Spektrum, 1992 Out of print

ISBN: ISBN 87-7763-073-4

Have the people of Denmark significantly changed their views on politicians over time? Various indices suggest that this is so. The dramatic election of 1973 brought a number of new parties into the Danish Folketing (parliament); they were very critical of the manner in which the “old” parties had conducted themselves. Regular surveys during the same period indicated a widespread and growing distrust of politicians’ moral fibre, intelligence, and ability to do what was best for the country.


In Vi og vore politikere (We and our politicians), historians and sociologists explore contemporary links between politicians and the populace, and the reasons for possible changes in attitudes. They also examine political grass roots, the influence of the media (especially television), and other factors that determine the public’s perception of political trustworthiness.

A comprehensive and information-packed book on a particularly complex topic –  Bjørn Ulrik Larsen, in a lecture to public librarians.

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