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When poverty meets affluence

Forskning om rumænske gademigranter i de skandinaviske hovedstæder
book - publication Anne Britt Djuve, Jon Horgen Friberg, Guri Tyldum and Huafeng Zhang
ISBN 978-87-996384-0-6

The book examines the social and economic conditions for Romanian immigrant street-people in the Scandinavian capitals. The book is published in Norway and is the result of a collaboration between the Norwegian research foundation Fafo and the ROCKWOOL Foundation. Among other things, the book puts paid to the myth that Romanian street people do not beg out of need, but live in luxury in their home countries; and likewise to the idea that the money they receive goes mainly to criminal gangs who organise their begging activities. The study also shows that the Romanians who come to Stockholm have a lower level of education and experience of employment, and also earn less, than those who travel to the other Scandinavian capitals.

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