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Forskning Family economics and the labour market

Family economics and the labour market

At the center of most Danes’ lives lies the family – both the family you are born into and the one you create yourself. As such, parents’ background and behaviour have a crucial impact on a child’s upbringing and on how they fare later in life. Correspondingly, the creation of the family and the distribution of chores within that family have a decisive impact on the members’ connection to the labour market.


The ROCKWOOL Foundation Research Unit has been conducting time use surveys for many years in order to be able to describe and analyse how Danes structure their everyday lives. The Research Unit has also analysed, in various ways, how family background and different incidents in the family affect the members’ wellbeing, including education and labour market attachment. These and related subjects will also be among the main activities of the ROCKWOOL Foundation Research Unit in the future.

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