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Forskning Vulnerable Young People

Vulnerable Young People

One of the great challenges to the welfare society is to make it possible for all children and young people to pass into adulthood with an appropriate educational background and with the general skills that are needed to acquire a secure foothold in the labour market. If this can be achieved, it helps to secure not only the personal wellbeing of individuals but also the financial sustainability of the welfare society. However, it is calculated that up to eight percent of any given annual cohort begin their adult lives without a proper education or a stable relationship with the labour market. These young people are vulnerable.

Over the period 2016-20, the ROCKWOOL Foundation wishes to improve the knowledge we have about vulnerable young people through an initiative that crosses the boundaries separating its four existing research areas and between its research and intervention activities. The objective of this initiative is to focus on risk behaviour among vulnerable young people. We will examine their time use, and will attempt to determine what factors, in terms of family background and ethnic origins, increase the risk of young people becoming vulnerable.

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