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Christian Dustmann
Ph.D i økonomi

Ansat i forskningsenheden i 2016

Seneste publikationer

The Impact of Immigration: Why do Studies Reach such Different Results? (with
Uta Schoenberg and Jan Stuhler), accepted at Journal of Economic Perspectives

Peer Effects in the Workplace (with Thomas Cornelissen and Uta Schoenberg),
accepted for publication at American Economic Review

Labor Supply Shocks and the Dynamics of Local Wages and Employment (with
Uta Schoenberg and Jan Stuhler), forthcoming Quarterly Journal of Economics

Estimating immigrant earnings profiles when migrations are temporary (with
Simon Gorlach), Labour Economics (based on Presidential Address, SOLE-EALE
world conference, Montreal 2015), Vol. 41, pp. 1-8

From LATE to MTE: Alternative methods for the evaluation of policy
interventions (with Thomas Cornelissen, Anna Raute and Uta Schoenberg),
Labour Economics, Vol. 41, pp. 47-60

The Career Cost of Children (with Jerome Adda and Katrien Stevens),
forthcoming at Journal of Political Economy

The Long-Term Effects of Early Track Choice (with Patrick Puhani and Uta
Schoenberg), forthcoming at Economic Journal

Legal status and Consumption Behaviour of Immigrant Households (with
Francesco Fasani and Biagio Speciale), forthcoming at Journal of the European
Economic Association (JEEA).

Referral-based Job Search Networks (with Albrecht Glitz and Uta Schoenberg),
forthcoming at Review of Economic Studies

The Economics of Temporary Migrations (with Simon Gorlach), Journal of
Economic Literature, vol. 54, no. 1, March 2016, pp. 98-136

The Effect of Local Area Crime on the Mental Health of Residents (with Francesco
Fasani), Economic Journal, 126 (593), pp 978–1017,

How do Industries respond to Changes in Local Labour Supply? (with Albrecht
Glitz, Journal of Labor Economics, 33(3), 711-750, 2015.

The Effect of Emigration from Poland on Polish Wages (joint with Tommaso
Frattini and Anna Rosso), Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Vol. 117, pp. 522-
564, 2015

The Fiscal Effects of Immigration in the UK (joint with Tommaso Frattini),
Economic Journal, Vol.124, Issue 580, pages F593–F643, 2014

Out-migration, Wealth Constraints, and the Quality of Local Amenities (joint with
Anna Okatenko), Journal of Development Economics, 110 (2014) 52–63, 2014

The Effect of Growing up in a High Crime Neighborhood on Criminal Behaviour
(joint with Anna Piil Damm), American Economic Review, 104(6), pp. 1806-1832,

Selective Outmigration and the Estimation of Immigrants’ Earning’ Profiles (with
Joseph-Simon Gorlach), forthcoming Handbook of the Economics of Migration,
Chiswick/Miller (editors), 2014

From “Sick Man of Europe” to the “Economic Superstar”: Germany’s Resurging
Economy (joint with Bernd Fitzenberger, Uta Schoenberg, Alexandra Spitz Oener),
Journal of Economic Perspectives, vol. 28, pp. 167-188, 2014

The Effect of Immigration along the Distribution of Wages (joint with Tommaso
Frattini and Ian Preston), Review of Economic Studies, 2013

The Effect of Expansions in Maternity Leave Coverage on Children’s Long-Term
Outcomes (joint with Uta Schoenberg), American Economic Journal – Applied
Economics, Vol. 4, pp. 190-224, 2012

Apprenticeship Training and Commitment to Training Provision (joint with Uta
Schoenberg), American Economic Journal – Applied Economics, Vol. 4, pp.36-
61, 2012

Educational Achievement of Second Generation Immigrants: An International
Comparison (joint with Tommaso Frattini and Gianandrea Lanzara), Economic
Policy, Vol. 27(69), pp. 143-185, 2012

Estimating the Effect of Immigration on Wages (joint with Ian Preston), Journal
of the European Economic Association, Vol. 10 (1), 216-223, 2012

Immigration, Wages, and Compositional Amenities (joint with David Card and
Ian Preston, Journal of the European Economic Association, Vol. 10 (1), 78-119,

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