We find, develop and trial potential solutions to the challenges faced by the welfare society.

Even in Denmark, there are many children and young people who end up in disconnection from society. Our focus is on finding and developing initiatives that can give these children and young people new opportunities to participate actively in society through education, employment, and participation in communities.

Our approach

For us, social innovation, research and practice all go hand in hand. Our goal is to create interventions that are relevant, scalable and cost-effective. They are developed in close consultation with children, young people and practitioners. Our interventions take their starting point in existing research and aim to generate new knowledge when they are trialled and rigorously evaluated to the highest research standards. Our aim is to demonstrate new ways of making a positive difference with lasting effects.


All our interventions are evaluated

We aim to generate new knowledge about possible solutions to the challenges faced by welfare societies. This requires that we determine whether our interventions make a positive, lasting difference in a cost-effective manner. For this reason, all our interventions undergo rigorous evaluations that meet the standards required for research evidence, typically through randomised control trials. All evaluations are conducted in close collaboration with external researchers, and the results are always published.


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We aim to ensure that our interventions are innovative, relevant and scalable. This requires good partners who work in the field with children and young people in local authorities, schools and job centres, and who are interested in cooperating with us to discover new approaches.

We aim to build upon and expand existing knowledge concerning work with children and young people in risk of disconnection. This requires intensive interaction, and the formation of partnerships, with specialists and researchers from various organisations, institutions and universities, both in Denmark and abroad.

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Our staff members write regularly about the work of the Interventions Unit, and about their professional fields of interest.

Staff of the Interventions Unit

Creating social innovation that is research-based and that leads to relevant, scalable and cost-effective interventions requires a diverse range of skills and a broad spectrum of experience from practice, research, and the field of social innovation itself. We have therefore assembled a multidisciplinary team of personnel with backgrounds in design, anthropology, sociology, psychology and economics.

Chief of Interventions, Research Professor
M: +45 20 69 82 82 
Senior Economist (on leave until Jan 1, 2023)
M: +45 51 51 29 20 
Head of Programme
Head of Programme - Employment
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Senior Social Innovator - chief psychologist
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Senior Research Economist
Senior Social Innovator - Project Lead
M: +45 31 71 06 70 
Social Innovator – Project Lead (on maternity leave)
Social innovator – project lead
Senior Economist
M: +45 28 18 96 03 
Research coordinator
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Service designer
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Social Innovator – Project Lead
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Student Assistant
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Student Research Assistant
Student assistant